Hi, I'm Jyoti Solanki. I have over nine years of experience working as a Registered Massage Therapist in Waterloo region. I love working as a Massage Therapist because it provides me the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals and share in their healing journey. Offering safe and informed treatments coupled with a joy for life and vitality.

I have an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and an Arts Diploma from Sheridan college. For five years I studied Art history and Fine Arts at the above schools. During those years I worked on my artistic craft and conceptional skills, which has given me a unique perspective now as I work in the healing profession.

We each are facing unique issues related to our physical bodies, and for this each approach to health must be taken as a case by case basis. When you visit me, I will work with you towards your goals, whether you want to keep active and injury free for your daily activities or you would like to relax and lift the tension from a busy day.

I have a curious mind, always wanting to ask questions and discover what's over the next peak. When you visit me I will provide you with knowledge about what I am observing with your physical body. I will explain the anatomy of what I am working and the intended effects of the techniques I am using. I will be treating for long term resolution while also addressing symptoms for immediate relief. I encourage you to become an active participant in your healing and I will offer you the information if you are interested. The first steps to a healthier body is to correct the posture and calm the mind, together a balance can be attained and together we will journey along your healing path.

When I first graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy to become a Massage Therapist I decided that I wanted to live at a slower pace, knowing that we are all faced with a great deal of daily stress. I was in a position where I could choose less stress and create the life that I wanted. I am finding my rhythm to thrive in this day and age, taking time to breathe and really not do anything else. Learning to let go and be present in what I am doing. Everyday brings new and amazing challenges, which provide us an opportunity to learn and grow.

Growing up in a family that practiced Yoga daily I found myself following suit. It was after many years of observing my grandfather and father which inspires me to keep moving daily. At a young age I began taking dance classes studying Ballet, Jazz and Tap. I love moving and dancing and letting the rhythm of life move me. Through this expressive movement I found a medium for the voice of my emotional release. I encourage everyone to move to the beat of their hearts and let their true nature shine!

Teaching Yoga for me is an opportunity to share this beautiful expression of self with movement and breath. I graduated as a Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher with 500hours of training from Mandorla Yoga Institute under the guidance of Stefani Wilton Hoyt. This training with Stef has filled me with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment preparing me to flourish and grow beyond the heights of my wildest dreams. Ever the student I continue to study with all teachers who inspire me along my path. Over the years my goal as a seeker of yoga knowledge has shifted and I look forward to the journey of self-transformation. Currently, I am expanding my Ayurvedic studies as a way to strive toward daily balance. I have found students enjoy and benefit from the personal attention and therapeutic approach I offer and through these experiences we both have been transformed. With a firm ground beneath where I stand I am overwhelmed with the joy of teaching and look forward to sharing my joy with you.

I look forward to meeting with you when you visit me.