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Three steps to Better Posture


Let's talk about posture, oh yeah, that gravity defying trick we all strive towards every day. It's a lot of work to counter the pull of gravity which tries to get you down, literally. Most people I talk to about posture proclaim that they have terrible posture, many even laugh about it. It seems for many that live with daily aches and pains from poor posture often feel resolved to doing just that, living with it. I am here to let you know that there is definitely something to help improve your posture. In fact, the reality about posture is that we are always trying to maintain good posture by pulling ourselves straight up to defy gravity. When our skeletal structure is in alignment the effects of gravity are lessened by the force running through your bones into the earth, as a result the other systems (muscular, circulatory, nervous, etc) will function optimally. When it takes less effort for you to stand straight you will feel lighter and have more energy to spend on all your wonderful activities.

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Hunkering In for Winter

The shift in weather is here, cooler nights and that beautiful white stuff that drapes our city with frost.  Many I see keeping warm with sensible outerwear, while others are staying indoors, each partaking in this seasons bounty of festivities to keep our spirits warm. With this being the coldest season and that time of year where stress levels tend to rise excessively, it is ever more important to maintain a healthy balance in your life.

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Want to Boost your Immune System – Massage Therapy Can Help Prevent Colds This Season


For many the benefits of a one hour Massage Therapy session are all too clear. But what are the physiological effects a massage has on a person? I know that I feel relaxed and that my muscles are softer, but really what's happening to my body after such a relaxing experience? A recent study conducted by the University of California decided to study the physiologic effects of one hour of Swedish Massage Therapy.

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Just Remember to Breathe

When the pressures of your life weigh down on your shoulders, close your eyes and take a couple slow deep breathes.  Let your shoulders roll back away from your ears, allow your belly to rise and fall gently as you breathe in and out.

There... Feeling a bit calmer?

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