The shift in weather is here, cooler nights and that beautiful white stuff that drapes our city with frost.  Many I see keeping warm with sensible outerwear, while others are staying indoors, each partaking in this seasons bounty of festivities to keep our spirits warm. With this being the coldest season and that time of year where stress levels tend to rise excessively, it is ever more important to maintain a healthy balance in your life.

When temperatures drop, our joints and muscles have a tendency to be stiffer and more achy. Many can literally feel the shift in weather in their bones. To combat the creakiness in our joints this season, I recommend moving to open up those restricted joint and encourage circulation throughout your whole body. Increasing circulation has numerous health benefits, one being an increased functioning immune system. Studies in the past have shown that increasing circulation with massage therapy will increase the white blood cell count (a more active immune ). Beyond improved circulation, by moving when it's cold our spirits are lifted. Ask anyone who jogs why they enjoy that activity, and most will reply that they feel great when they're doing it. Any activity that is physically active will give you this natural 'high'.

I recommend Yoga this winter season. If you are already active with other winter sports, compliment your routine with Yoga to improve the mobility and strength of your joints. Learn ways to create heat from within, even on the coldest winter nights. Discover the warmth that is vinyasa flow yoga, where each posture challenges your body and your mind, nourishing your soul with health and vitality. Yoga is not simply holding stretches, there are breathing techniques which create heat from within, along with physical motions and postures which promote circulation and joint health and integrity. Meditation and mindfulness during Yoga allows for healing to occur from deep within.

Take time this winter to strike that balance from within. Whether it be with a stress reducing therapeutic massage or a centering and heating yoga class, I look forward to the many warmth filled moments during our coldest months.