Asanas on the Lake

Finding yoga this summer can be as simple as stepping out your front door.  Yoga outside can be by far the most enlightening place to practice yoga than any of the studios you've ever tried.

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A Summer Unlike Any Other

I looked at the calender today and realised that I had been already at my new location for one month, and may I say, Thank You.  I am honoured with the positive response from my clients and the community.

Summer months for me are always a time to take in the warmth and feel the regenerative powers of the sun.  More than ever (with my new start) I feel that there is so much I could do this summer, and I want to  make sure I fit in as much as I can.  Already I have been attending many Yoga workshops and am devouting energy everyday to this practice.  Particular joy for me comes when I am out on my deck, with my cat hanging outside with me, and I can work through a gentle yoga pracitce in the early morning.  Never before have I been in a time and space where this would be possible.  This simple enjoyment propels my day in a great positive way, allowing me to feel good from the start!  For this summer I intend to practice yoga outside, on my deck, in the park, near a river, on the beach and hopefully many more wonderful landscapes.

All this talk of yoga has reminded me that I am not designed to be sitting in front of this computer too long.  For many, this is relatable I'm sure.  So, I will leave this a shorter note and stand up practicing Tadasana (mountain pose/standing with good posture) while I listen to the gentle morning rise.

Here Comes the Sun!



As we enter May the feeling of spring is finally in the air. No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.  Our ears are filled with the sounds of Robins in the morning and lawnmowers by mid afternoon.  With the sun shining above warming our skin and making us squint, there is a general feeling of shedding that what we carried throughout winter.

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Spring approaches and I am available at a new location!

As many already know, I have been studying Yoga more intently these last 6 months.  This has allowed me to meet the beautiful people at Breathe Into Motion Yoga Studios, and from the moment I stepped into the studio I was impressed and inspired.  Now, I am thrilled to let you all know that I am offering my services at Breathe Into Motion.  Come find me on Mondays and Wednesdays!

Take some time on my services and location pages to see where you can find me, and what fits best into your day.

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Just Remember to Breathe

When the pressures of your life weigh down on your shoulders, close your eyes and take a couple slow deep breathes.  Let your shoulders roll back away from your ears, allow your belly to rise and fall gently as you breathe in and out.

There... Feeling a bit calmer?

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Beautiful January

So far, I say that 2011 has been a beautiful winter here in Ontario.  Nothing is better than feeling the warmth of the sun on a cold winter day. :)  When I see the white on the trees, roofs, cars and so on...  I am invigorated to keep the sun on my shoulders and continue to enjoy each day as it comes.

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Want to Boost your Immune System – Massage Therapy Can Help Prevent Colds This Season


For many the benefits of a one hour Massage Therapy session are all too clear. But what are the physiological effects a massage has on a person? I know that I feel relaxed and that my muscles are softer, but really what's happening to my body after such a relaxing experience? A recent study conducted by the University of California decided to study the physiologic effects of one hour of Swedish Massage Therapy.

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