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Hello Spring!

I love this time of year. We get to open our windows wide, take off our socks and sweaters, and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. You can feel the lift in everyone as we start to work into our warm weather routines. I already see more people out walking and running, there are the cyclists and boarders, all out taking in the sun. With the changes in season always come our internal changes. The spring is the time to wash away the winter frost and make room for new life to blossom. We too shed our winter bodies and open up to the energizing rhythm of warmer weather.

Our response to this beautiful weather is to be more active and start up with hobbies and sports. For those of us who have not been hibernating all winter, we will want to ease ourselves into these activities. Remember to stretch before any activity; things such as raking, gardening, golfing, cycling and running for example. Even cleaning out the garage is a physically demanding activity. Be kind to yourself and take just a couple minutes before hand to move all your joints through all their ranges. Stretch the major muscle groups of your back, arms and legs, holding each stretch for about 30 seconds. By taking time to stretch and wake up your joints and soft tissue this spring you will be building neural pathways to your brain preparing yourself for the rest of the warm seasons. Think of it as saying to yourself 'wake up and get ready to play!'

Also remember that with warmer weather comes the ever important need to relax. Take extra time this spring to make a sanctuary for yourself where you can sit or lay comfortably for a minimum of 5-10 minutes undisturbed. In our ever busy lives we need to learn to slow down and reconnect with ourselves, reconnect with our inner calm and peace. Decreasing the flight and fight response brought on by stress is vital to our physical, mental and emotional wellness. In the warmer seasons there is extra stress placed on our physical body, so take time to cool down and relax. Bring calm breathing into your routine and enjoy the bliss of the warm sun and blue skies.

Whatever you choose to do with this warm sunny weather, make sure you have fun and wear your smile openly.

Hunkering In for Winter

The shift in weather is here, cooler nights and that beautiful white stuff that drapes our city with frost.  Many I see keeping warm with sensible outerwear, while others are staying indoors, each partaking in this seasons bounty of festivities to keep our spirits warm. With this being the coldest season and that time of year where stress levels tend to rise excessively, it is ever more important to maintain a healthy balance in your life.

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What's New!

I have made numerous changes to my site in an effort to maintain clarity and to reflect the quality of service I bring to each Massage treatment. Please note that I have added to my Services, Locations & Availability, Rates and Links pages. Changes to my rates are effective as of September 1st, 2011. This minimal fee increase was to round out the rate and include the HST in the cost. My hope is this will simplify payment options and make everyone happier. Also, I enjoyed the summer practicing Yoga whenever possible, check out my blog and the new pictures throughout the site to see some of my experiences.

One change that is not listed is my training to be a Registered Yoga Teacher with Stefani Hoyt, M. Sc., E-RYT 500. I will be studying on many Fridays throughout the fall months, these dates will be listed on the Locations & Availability page. This trianing will allow me to teach yoga as a RYT-200 which will enhance the quality of care I am able to provide. My goal is to be available to you on your path to a more active daily life. Whether you come for stress or pain relief with gentle massage or you want to learn Yoga to practice daily, I am looking forward to helping you on your journey.




Sun Salutations


Adventures with Anti-Gravity Yoga


I was invited by my college friend to attend an Anti-Gravity Yoga class at a gym. We went with a small group of Registered Massage Therapists; we used to attend other Yoga classes together while we were in school. This was something new and definitely exciting, so of course I took time out of my regular yoga routine to try this new trend. With the words “You're going to laugh your head off” being the selling words from my friend, I was ready to try this inversion hammock fun.

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Adventures in Yoga

Yoga, this is a word that has never been foreign to me.  Growing up in an Indian household in Canada gave me a unique perspective; for yoga was always a part of my life and seemed as normal as jogging would for some.  Personally I can't jog very well, though I would like to try again someday.  Yoga on the other hand is something that is with me every single day of my life.

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