Waking up this morning to look out and see large puffy snow falling steadily from the sky, falling over an already snow covered city. One of my favourite sights is a snow covered scene, particularly untouched areas. The snow reminds me to keep the fire inside me burning so that I stay strong and motivated throughout the winter season.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to spend some energy clearing out the clutter. For me, when I see snow it makes me want to curl up with a hot drink and a good book or my knitting for hours on end. Naturally, I will have a few lovely days and evenings spent in that cozy way. Though, for the most part I need to remind myself that this is also the perfect season to be resourceful and prepared. I spent a good portion of my holidays taking stock of what was needed and what no longer served me. We're talking both in my home and within my being. This exercise in clearing out the clutter in my life has given me some space to nestle in for this snow filled time.

The holidays are the perfect time for us to over indulge and fall into a pattern of eating sweets and staying up long past the setting sun. Then as soon as January hits we collectively resolve to living better, at least for a bit until we fall back into bad habits. I am being honest! This year I wanted to be more prepared for the habits I know I'll fall back into, so I took some time off over the holidays to sort through closets, drawers, shelves and pretty much every corner of my home. The many bags of donations and garbage made me feel free to grow into the self I  know I can be. What I found interesting were the things I found that I resisted throwing or donating away. Small tokens from my past and many pieces of paper were among items I stashed back in the closets after reminiscing on times from before. I decided to be kind with myself and let go of as much as I could now, and then pledge to clean out more clutter come the spring. Knowing that as the seasons change we are changing as well. Each change in the season gives me a chance to make the most of the changes happening within and outside of me. By taking time to let go of things that no longer serve me I have noticed a lightness and sense of expansion.

So, this January I have resolved to be healthy and free of clutter. I am taking the first steps to make space for myself to grow fully, both within my home and within my being. By shedding and making space I know that I will have room for my resolve to blossom. It's like a garden, if the weeds (the clutter in my life) are let to run rampant, new nourishing plants struggle to put in strong roots resulting in a garden that may never fully grow. Cleaning out the clutter in the corners of all my rooms has left room for new good habits to form.

Even with snow falling from the sky, I feel energized to keep my fire burning this winter season and not let my clutter take over. Every cleanse or purge only makes space for new things to come into fruition. Let what grows be joyous and full of light!