As this seasons name implies, spring is when things come up and we best be ready to work through them or it might get a bit muddy. This year in particular after having such a relentless winter this spring seems like a revival. Though it is slow going to get warmer the flowers are blooming and the parkas are coming off


For me at this time of year I notice how much of a challenge I have with keeping my fire burning strong. With frosty mornings and grey days I struggle as a Kapha dosha to find balance in this season. As much of a challenge as it can be I manage with a daily routine that keeps my spirits lifted. I still have days where all I want to eat is candy and chocolate, but those days are more often replaced ones where I eat clean and bring fire to my yoga practice.

Even though Hot yoga is typically what one thinks of as a Fire yoga practice. What brings fire to my practice is not the temperature of the room but rather the way I stoke my inner flame. Using my breath and disciplining myself during this transition helps me to stay grounded by keeping my fire element strong. I turn to the Primary series of Ashtanga vinyasa and keep spice in my diet. I look outside in the morning and if it's grey and wet I choose activities that keep me active and focus staying on track with my goals. I take advantage of beautiful days to get out and enjoy the weather, to get into my garden and plants seeds of intention for me future.

It can be so easy to lose sight on the finish line when there is so much challenging you on the path. When life presents me with a challenge that seems more than I can handle, I turn to inversions to help me flip my perspective. I practice Pratipakshabhavana and let go of those false and self limiting ideas I have about myself to make room for so much more. What I am learning year after year, is that I am much much stronger than I imagine myself being.

Now is the time to detox, to cleanse, to burn your fire brightly. This is my favorite season for taking changes as an opportunity to grow into the me I strive to be.