Registered Massage Therapy

All massages are individually geared, providing a therapeutic plan for each client.  A variety of massage techniques will be used throughout the massage session. Choose from a the Swedish relaxation massage on a table, or experience a Thai massage which is offered on a floor mattress.


Craniosacral treatments are very gentle but can be profoundly affective.  The cranium, or the head, is made up of 22 bones which actually have a slight movement which occurs naturally.  The sacrum is the triangular bone at the end of the spine and provides attachment for the pelvis.  There is also a fluid, called cerebral spinal fluid, which keeps the nervous system healthy and flows within it's casing of Dura around the brain and down the spinal cord.  These techniques will free up specific areas in the cranium and sacrum to allow proper circulation and articulation of the bones.

Thai Massage (90 minutes)

Thai massage is a dynamic form of treatment using a range of massage techniques and addressing the entire body, including the scalp and face. Thai massage differs in many ways from Swedish: there are no lotions, the client remains clothed, the treatment is done on a special mat on the floor, and I use my hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to apply the massage. The client is stretched and moved through a series of yoga-like positions, coupled with kneading, shaking and rocking. Manipulating the tissue in this manner is effective for increasing circulation and relaxation while promoting tissue and joint health. Modifications can also be used to address individual concerns, injuries or other limitations, and offer a great deal of benefits to the client.

R.E.S.T - Remedial Exercises & Short Thai (60 minutes)

Combining gentle breathing techniques with functional movement assessments focused on your area of concern. Working with posture, limited range of motion, stress management and mechanisms to cope with chronic pain. Each session is unique to the client's needs and includes Thai massage along with active remedial exercises that can be repeated at home to improve the quality of daily life.

Infant and Child Massage & Instruction for Parents

Offering instruction to parents to treat their own infants and children in both private and group settings, available for all ages. Benefits of infant massage are: stimulation of all the physiological systems of the body, relieves stress through increased relaxation, helps increase healthy parent-infant interaction, is a means of communication between the caregiver and the baby, provides sensory stimulation which is necessary for growth and development, helps facilitate motor co-ordination, helps relieve colic and gas, helps regulate sleep patterns and helps strengthen the immune system. Massage Therapy is also available for infants and children if parents wish to have any additional concerns addressed.


To provide care for her clients, both safe and properly informed, inquire at any time about all services offered.


Photos by Don Davie