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Matter of Taste


Recently I have been thinking a lot more about integrating an even healthier diet. For those that know my story, the last many years I have already been avoiding certain foods in favour of more whole and natural choices. The decision to this was because I had developed such sensitivity to these foods that I could hardly eat anything without doubling over in pain. Through discipline I have found a great deal of pleasure when it comes to preparing my foods from simple ingredients. Yet, I feel I have loads of room to improve. Like most I have many cravings for sugar and other processed foods. Though I avoid them for the most part there is still a strong pull from inside that urges me to buy some junk food. Of course those times I give in to my taste buds I end up regretting it later and my stomach and bowels let me know how they feel too.

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Yoga & the Study of Self



Here's the scene, you walk into a yoga studio and see rows of mats with people stretching in very impressive ways. The teacher calls the class to start and as you attempt the movements being described you peek from the corner of your eye people who are fluidly moving in and out of these postures keeping with the rhythm of their breath. Human nature will suggest that you might want to push yourself and try some of the more advanced variations you are witnessing around you in this class, though is it always safe?

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Sun Salutations


Heritage Footage

Almost Thirty Years in the making



Adventures with Anti-Gravity Yoga


I was invited by my college friend to attend an Anti-Gravity Yoga class at a gym. We went with a small group of Registered Massage Therapists; we used to attend other Yoga classes together while we were in school. This was something new and definitely exciting, so of course I took time out of my regular yoga routine to try this new trend. With the words “You're going to laugh your head off” being the selling words from my friend, I was ready to try this inversion hammock fun.

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