When you choose to take time everyday for self study and cleansing practices more mindfulness and awareness become second nature. It is my honour to be your teacher along your path and I will always strive to be an open and pure channel for this creative energy to flow towards healing.

We are all unique. With all our similarities there are as many differences and each day we have more to discover about ourselves. In my classes I will work with you on that day, with who you are today, right now. A heart centered approach to Yoga with a playfulness for somatic expression, and drawing from the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Group classes are designed to fit into the daily schedule and provide either a momentum of high energy sun vinyasas or they are designed for the calming soothing effects of moon vinyasas and the whole spectrum between. Whatever your predisposition when you decide to journey your path of Yoga practice the space will be created.


Photo by Jyoti Solanki